With our experience we have designed and developed a modification that generates the following benefits:

  • Higher structural strenght of the machine.
  • The pneumatic closure of the electrode group generates a higher clamping force resulting in a lower consumption of electrodes, and after a series of tests it was verified that the length of the electrodes was tripled, a result we have:
    1. lower consumption of elecrodes;
    2. lower utilization of the workforce for changing the electrodes;
    3. reduced downtime for replacement of the electrodes.
  • With more space to make equipment changes, the operator can work more easily and therefore faster and as a result there is less downtime and utilization of the workforce.
  • The presence of a pneumatic cylinder pressure acts directly on the levers guarantees:
    1. a constant pressure, then better quality of welding;
    2. a simple adjustment of the lever pressure by acting directly on the pneumatic panel;
    3. the ability to change the value of the second pressure acting directly on the pneumatic panel.
  • The motor with inverter replaces the mechanical parts that were subject to wear, and has consequently a longer life.